Operating Policies

    • Lesson time includes: one on one instruction, discussion of practice assignment, receiving payment, scheduling changes, and performance information.**NOTE: The instructor is also available by phone call, email, or text messages for questions about practice assignments, payments, scheduling changes and performances.
  • Students are expected to practice daily for the amount of time assigned by the instructor.
  • Students are expected to arrive prepared for their lesson by: having practiced, have all music and their instruments and needed accessories.
  • There are no makeup lessons or refunds if a student is unable to have their lesson because they arrive unprepared.
  • Payment for lessons is due the first lesson day of the first week of the month for the total amount due for the month.
  • There will be a late fee of $10.00 charged if payment has not been made by second lesson of the month.
  • New students pay a $120 deposit that will be applied to the student’s last month of lessons.
  • Payment can be made by cash or check in studio or may also be dropped off during operating hours.
Cancellations or Rescheduling:
  • A week’s notice is required if a student needs to cancel or reschedule a lesson.
  • If a week’s notice is not given, the student will be charged for the lesson and a make-up lesson cannot be given.
  • If the student gives one week’s notice, the student can make up the lesson on a different day or time.
  • Missed or cancelled lessons may not be deducted from payment.
  • If the teacher needs to cancel or reschedule, lessons are made up as conveniently and as soon as possible.
  • If a student fails to show up for a lesson, the student must contact the teacher within 24 hours to maintain the appointed lesson time.
  • If a student fails to show for lesson and the lesson time has not been paid for, nor a call received, the student’s appointed lesson time will be forfeited.
  • If a makeup lesson has been scheduled and is then cancelled by the student, it cannot be scheduled again.
  • If the student is late, the time cannot be made up. If the teacher is late, the student will still receive the full amount of their lesson time.
The only exceptions to these policies are a medical emergency, a death in the immediate family or inclement weather. In these cases, a make-up lesson can be scheduled at the student’s earliest convenience.
  • A month’s notice is required if a student wishes to discontinue lessons.
  • If the student has paid a deposit, the deposit will go towards the student’s last month of lessons.
Online Lesson:
  • Students are required to have at least two forms of video communication (Skype, Facetime, or Tango) for online lessons.
  • The instructor is not responsible for lost lesson time due to technical problems on the student’s side of the lesson. However, lesson time is made up if the instructor has technical difficulties on her end.
Holidays and Vacations:
  • Noteworthy Music provides lessons year-round and we are more than happy to reschedule lessons for family vacation when students give at least a week’s notice.
  • Missed lessons for vacations or lessons that are on or near holidays may not be deducted from a student’s monthly lesson fees.
  • If the student’s lesson falls on the following holidays, the teacher and the student may reschedule the normal lesson time to a different day.
New Year’s Eve  |  New Year’s Day  |  Independence Day  |  Memorial Day  |  Labor Day  |  Thanksgiving Day  |  Friday after Thanksgiving  |  Christmas Eve  |  Christmas Day  |  Day after Christmas

Adult Male Students: Adult male students (18 or over) must be accompanied by an adult female or child 8 years old or older.