We provide musical and vocal instruction for beginner to intermediate students with a custom fit for each student’s individual needs and aspirations.

Virtual Lessons are available anywhere.

All classes are $30 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour.

Payment can be made by cash or check in studio or may also be dropped off during operating hours.

Gift Cards Available for purchase at the studio during operating hours.


Noteworthy Music Studio offers 2 recitals each year. Student participation is encouraged, but not required.

Classical Violin & Viola Lessons
Ages 4 and Up

Lessons are taught with the Mark O’Connor Violin Method , Suzuki Violin School or Essential Elements Method. All methods include instruction on optimal form and technique to maximize playing ability. Students are encouraged to: develop proper playing form and technique, good intonation, beautiful tone quality, bow control and, of course, note reading and theory understanding.

Piano Lessons
Ages 4 and Up

Lessons are taught from the Alfred Basic Piano Library and/or the Suzuki Piano School methods. From the Alfred Piano method students are taught from the lesson, theory, and note speller books with corresponding flash cards. The Suzuki Piano method starts with students learning musical pieces by an ear then later learning to read music after playing skills are well developed. Both methods encourage students to develop: proper playing form, note reading and theory understanding all in an ongoing practical application of those skills.

Vocal Coaching
Ages 10 and Up

Vocal coaching students will learn vocal exercises that teach: proper enunciation while singing, pitch control, mix head and chest voice, safely stretch vocal range high and low, improve tone quality, and increase power. Students will learn how to use these skills while working on actual songs.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Ages 7 and Up

Guitar students are taught from the Hal Leonard or Mel Bay guitar methods. Both methods teach note reading and theory that lay a solid foundation for students to be able to play any style of music. Students also learn all major, minor, 7th chords and chord progressions that may also be applied to a variety styles of music.

*Note: Students can also use an electric guitar for lessons.